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Joanna Johnston set up Ayurvedic Yogi to help make Ayurvedic and Yogic wisdom more readily available. She is a Full Member of the Ayurvedic Practitioner’s Association and has been practicing for 8 years. Read more here. She offers the following:

  • Ayurveda Consultations (pulse reading, diet, lifestyle, massage, herbs)
  • Ayurveda Workshops
  • Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga (tailored to your dosha)
  • Seasonal Ayurveda & Yoga retreats in Somerset
  • Consultancy for Ayurveda product launches

Feedback from Spring retreat: “Thank you so much for inviting us into your home. I had a fantastic experience and really enjoyed the yoga, food massage and good advice”.

Latest Articles

Spring retreat, 1-3 April 2016 Somerset

Refresh body, mind and soul by escaping to the countryside for a rejuvenating retreat. Immerse yourself in Ayurveda and Yoga, enjoy nourishing food  and explore the stunning Somerset countryside around Joanna’s home in Somerset. She believes in learning through doing, and having lots of laughs along the way. The maximum group size is 8 so […]

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Winter candlegazing- the Yogic practice of Tratak

During the Winter months I am always drawn to the practice of ‘tratak’ or gazing steadily into a candle flame. We’ve been practicing this in my weekly classes as it can be a very useful practice to help control the mind. It helps increase focus, concentration and helps with eye problems. I also like this […]

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Enjoy a healthy Winter with Ayurveda

Favour a warm, nourishing diet to pacify Vata without aggravating Kapha: We’re designed to eat more in Winter, adding a few pounds without guilt! However, it must be the right types of foods to nurture whilst minimising congestion. Rice, barley, rye, healthy oils (ghee, coconut, linseed, avocado, hemp, olive), and seasonal root vegetables in soups and […]

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