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Joanna Webber set up Ayurvedic Yogi to help make Ayurvedic and Yogic wisdom more readily available. She is a Full Member of the Ayurvedic Practitioner’s Association and has been practicing for 8 years. Read more here. She offers the following:

  • Ayurveda Consultations (pulse reading, diet, lifestyle, massage, herbs)
  • Ayurveda Workshops
  • Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga (tailored to your dosha)
  • Seasonal Ayurveda & Yoga retreats in her home in Somerset
  • Consultancy for Ayurveda product launches

Latest Articles

Staying cool and calm this Summer

Everyone needs to take measures to avoid overheating at this time of year, though Pitta predominant types need to take special care in following a Pitta reducing diet and lifestyle throughout the Summer. Pitta is the Ayurvedic dosha made up of fire and water with qualities such as hot, penetrating, oily, sharp, liquid and sour. […]

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Ayurveda & Yoga retreat, 21-23rd August, Somerset

Refresh body, mind and soul by escaping to the countryside for a rejuvenating retreat. Immerse yourself in Ayurveda and Yoga, enjoy nourishing food  and explore the stunning Somerset countryside. Joanna has been running Ayurveda and Yoga weekends for over a decade but this is the first in her home in Somerset. She believes in learning through doing, […]

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Yoga Nidra- an antidote to stress and much more

Yoga nidra is an ancient but little-known yogic practice that’s becoming increasingly popular as both a form of meditation and a mind-body therapy. It is a systematic form of guided relaxation that typically is done for 35 to 40 minutes at a time. It was popularised by the Satyananda School of Yoga but is now […]

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