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Jo Jo's Bump fixed 038Ayurvedic Yogi’s role is to help make Ayurveda and Yogic wisdom more readily available. Joanna Webber offers:  

  • Ayurveda Consultations (pulse reading, diet, lifestyle, massage, herbs)
  • Focus on Women’s Health– fertility, pregnancy, menopause and menstrual issues
  • Ayurveda Workshops and retreats
  • Yoga for everybody (tailored to the doshas)
  • Consultancy for product launches

downloadAyurveda can help with:

Maintaining good health! Stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression; Women’s health issues/ menopause; Infertility, preconception and pregnancy care; Headaches and migraines; Digestive complaints; Respiratory problems
Hayfever and allergies; Skin disorders; Hypertension, Fibromyalgia and CFS; Cancer recovery; Weight gain/ loss/ Thyroid imbalance; Joint and metabolic problems. 

Why not call or send an email to find out more about how Ayurveda can make you feel more balanced?

“Many thanks for another wonderful weekend retreat in your beautiful family home. The minute I stepped through the front door I felt as if I’d ‘come home’ so warm and welcoming is the atmosphere. I look forward to my next visit in Batcombe…” (Winter retreat 2017)

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