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Joanna Webber set up Ayurvedic Yogi to help make Ayurvedic and Yogic wisdom more readily available. She is a Full Member of the Ayurvedic Practitioner’s Association and has been practicing for 8 years. Read more here. She offers the following:

  • Ayurveda Consultations (pulse reading, diet, lifestyle, massage, herbs)
  • Ayurveda Workshops
  • Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga (tailored to your dosha)
  • Seasonal Ayurveda & Yoga retreats in her home in Somerset
  • Consultancy for Ayurveda product launches

Latest Articles

Join me and my husband in a Kitchari cleanse!

My husband and I will be eating just kitchari over the next few days to help counter the excesses of summer. This dish has a simple nurturing quality and is the Ayurvedic equivalent of giving chicken soup during illness.  For those who want a deeper cleanse, you can eat just mung bean soup for up […]

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Ayurvedic Yogi at new Bath location

From September 2014, I will be practicing at a new Bath location one Saturday a month. Appointments are also available on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays in Batcombe. I will be offering Consultations, massage and other Ayurvedic treatments between 10 and 5pm at The Practice Rooms, 26 Upper Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1RH (above the shop Lush). […]

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Staying cool and calm this Summer

Everyone needs to take measures to avoid overheating at this time of year, though Pitta predominant types need to take special care in following a Pitta reducing diet and lifestyle throughout the Summer. Pitta is the Ayurvedic dosha made up of fire and water with qualities such as hot, penetrating, oily, sharp, liquid and sour. […]

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