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All change at Ayurvedic Yogi…

June 4, 2018

After running AyurvedicYogi for the last decade the time has come for a change. When I set up by practice I was a singleton living in Bristol. I am now married and live in Somerset with 3 children so it has been quite some 10 years, with Ayurveda and Yoga supporting me every step of the way! I have accepted a job with Pukka Herbs, a company I have long admired and am thrilled to be working in their Herbal Education team. I’m very much looking forward to combining my passions of holistic herbal health with education.

It has been such an honour to work with so many of you over the last 10 years, from consultations to yoga classes and on many retreats. I hope we can stay in touch as I will continue to write about Ayurveda in daily life and will also be writing more about using Western herbs and Ayurvedic herbs together to feel healthier, happier and more balanced. Facebook is also a good way to stay in touch as I find this a useful to way to share my thoughts on how we can use Ayurvedic wisdom today in a meaningful way.

My new role is 4 days a week so for now I will no longer be offering consultations, yoga classes and retreats. However, in time I hope to restart the consultations on Fridays here in Somerset. For existing clients who seek further advice and clarification, such as on their prescription, I am always able to answer emails from you.

For those seeking an Ayurvedic practitioner, please see the APA web-site’s Find a Practitioner tool.

If there is no practitioner living near you I can highly recommend:

a consultation with Sascha or Rebecca Kriese at Ayuseva in Brighton

a SKYPE consultation with my fellow practitioner Kate Siraj at The Ayurveda Practice in London