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Ayurvedic Yogi Shop

The following products are available at the Bristol Ayurveda Clinic when you visit for a consultation or massage (no mail order currently available!). Most products are sourced from Pukka herbs- with impressive ethical, environmental and sustainable principles.

  • Ayurvedic Organic Food Supplements and herbs

Organic Chywanaprash  (£9.95 for 250g jar)

Traditional rejuvenating elixir of 20 Indian herbs and spices with ghee, honey and jaggery. Use this at times when health needs extra support (convalescing post illness, winter, pregnancy, in the young and elderly). It nourishes and rejuvenate all tissues especially the respiratory tract, clears toxins (ama), and increase life-force (ojas).  Take 1-3 tsp each morning on its own, or on toast, in porridge, followed with warm milk.

Organic Aloe Vera Juice (£19.95 for 1 Litre, £12.50 for 500ml)

This helps cleanse the liver, protecting the digestive stem and also purifying the skin. “An unfiltered Aloe Vera juice made from the inner leaf with no rind and associated bitter taste” (unlike some other brands you may have tried!) No synthetic preservatives. This is also a  wonderful tonic for the female reproductive system, and guides any herbs taken to this area. It also helps clear excess Pitta dosha (heat) from the intestines. Take 1-3 tablespoons on an empty stomach each morning (Contraindicated in pregnancy).

Organic Ghee (£7.95 for 300g jar)

Ghee is delicious and healthy oil,  considered nectar-like for all wishing to live according to Ayurvedic principals and maintain positive health. . “Made from Organic butter, produced by small dairy herds living in pristine organic pastures.”  Please see here for more on the role of ghee in the Ayurvedic diet.

Hing (Asafoetida) (£2.00 for 25g)

A little known plant gum resin widely used in Ayurvedic cooking to reduce aggravation of Vata dosha (and hence gas!) It enkindles Agni and discourages growth of parasitic worms in the large intestine. A small pinch can be added to almost any lentil, bean and cabbage dish in the early stages of preparation to increase digestibility.

Organic Hemp seed oil (£7.45 for 200ml)

Provides the highest amount of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) than any other natural food source. Very good for the skin taken both internally and externally.

Essentials Organic Virgin Coconut oil (£2.99)

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, a highly nutritious healthy cooking oil naturally rich in lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids

  • Ayurvedic Herbal Teas (£2 for a 20 sachet box)

Detox – a nourishing blend of aniseed, fennel & liquorice to help relax digestion and flush the urinary system. Cardamom seeds can help to clear excess mucus. Coriander and celery seed help to wash toxins from the body. Liquorice root is calming and tonifying.

Relax – calming chamomile, fennel & marshmallow to help relaxation in Vata  dominant people or those with aggravated Vata dosha.. Fennel seed, ginger root and cardamom seed all work on warming and relaxing the digestive system. Marshmallow root, ashwagandha and liquorice help to calm and tonify.

Refresh – cooling peppermint, liquorice and rose to cool and calm, ideal for Pitta dominant people or those with aggravated Pitta dosha. Fennel seed and coriander seed assist your digestion. Liquorice is a traditional balancing herb.

Revitalise – warming cinnamon, cardamon & ginger to invigorate, especially balancing for Kapha types. Cinnamon bark, ginger root, cloves and black pepper all warm.  Elderflowers, orange peel and liquorice root can all help to clear congestion. Green tea and spearmint leaf give a boost.

  • Ayurvedic Oils

Organic Sesame Oil (£13.95 for 500ml , £6.85 for 200ml)

A Cold, pressed oil, rich in oleic and linoleic acids which is traditionally used in India for Ayurvedic massage. Use at home for an Ayurvedic self-massage. Start with the head and work down the body to the feet in sweeping strokes along muscles, and circular movements around joints. Always massage the belly in a clockwise direction- up the right side and down the left side. Leave the oil on the body for 10 minutes then wash in shower or bath for a grounding and detoxifying start to the day. Can also be used in cooking.

Nasal Oil with dropper (£9.95 for 30ml)

A traditional blend of Indian herbs used as a nasal oil. Particularly useful for clearing nasal passages before yoga and in the practice of focusing the mind for meditation. An essential for a healthy Winter for Kapha types prone to colds, sinusitis and related headaches.

  • Ayurvedic Daily Hygiene

Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper  (£2.00)

In the Ayurveda, tongue cleaning is a given as part of one’s daily oral hygiene. During the night, the tongue becomes coated with a film that can contain bacteria and toxins. This often becomes the basis for bad breath, caries and periodontosis. If the tongue contains a build up of toxins, this impairs one’s sense of taste as well as increases susceptibility to throat and mouth infections. Use a tongue scraper to clean tongue after tooth brushing every morning.

Neti pot + sea salt (£3.50)

Air pollution is a growing problem worldwide with increasing allergies, sinusitis and other health problems. We also eat a lot of mucus forming foods (dairy, breads, pastries, sweets, fatty fried foods, foods that are too greasy, sweet or salty). The neti pot a simple tool for nasal irrigation which is helpful to everyone. Leaves you feeling clearer headed and ready to start the day. Please see here for an article on using a neti pot, including a YouTube demonstration.

Ayurveda Detox Kit (£15.00)

The ideal way to start a detox with Triphala (45g), Trikatu (45g), a neti pot and a tongue scraper.