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What People Say

AyurvedicYogi Weekends:

“The whole weekend has been amazing- I didn’t realise how much relaxation and contemplation I would be able to achieve in a weekend. Fantastic setting with a lovely pool wonderful! I feel like I’ve been away for days and days.”

“Overall the weekend was excellent, and difficult to improve upon. The food, yoga, massage were all great, in gorgeous surroundings and I particularly enjoyed the good company, and swapping shared wisdom. Thank You for being so hospitable.”

“I loved the yoga which was pitched at just the right level. It was also good to learn how yoga can be incorporated into daily life, and after the weekend my general understanding of yoga has deepened”.

“The Dorset location was absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed the walks very much, as well as the view and looking at the stars. The energising and relaxing yoga sessions were pure bliss. The fact that classes were small was also a real bonus. I found the silent mediation walk a very peaceful way to start the though, though would never have thought of it before”.

“I just wanted to thank you  for the absolutely wonderful weekend we enjoyed last weekend… as one of the participants it was absoutely blissful. it’s hard to retain the sense of calm once the work vibe kicks in, but  the weekend has definitely made me reconsider a few things about life – which can only be a good thing!” (Fiona)

“I had a blissful weekend, it really DOES feel like the world was escaped for longer than two days and the good effects are definitely still with me (albeit a little more jaded now, trying to work in a noisy office that’s having building work done only a few feet away)… but peace and love remains!  Thanks once again for an inspiring and beautifully soul cleansing weekend!”


“Thank you for a wonderful consultation yesterday.  I felt at ease, at peace and have found my path, at long last.”

“I really enjoyed this [first consultation], a very warm welcome, a sense of being able to talk in a non judgemental, confidential atmosphere. I left inspired and clutching some great advice. I am one stone lighter now then when I had my first consultation, I’d like to have seen this weight reduction be significantly more, but I think it is an appropriate reflection of the effort I’ve been able to put in so far…This has been a very enriching and beneficial experience so far.”

” Thank you so much for the consultation yesterday I feel so much better and very positive about finally dealing with my health problems and becoming really well. I was sent a very full and useful assessment of my problems and what I need to do about them- a plethora of fantastic information. I have just printed it all out and am looking forward to settling down and reading it”.

“Just making really simple lifestyle changes has been really beneficial, by simply raising my awareness of my needs and habits I have already been able to effect change”.

“Thanks so much for the consultation – it was really helpful – especially to understand which bits of me are governed by which dosha type – that has really helped me work out a few things – and the most helpful was using my mind and pitta qualities as a strategy for helping my body be healthier and working to minimise kapha/vata (sounds so obvious I know but something has really clicked with this).  I think the fact that it supports my yoga also really helps as it is a coherent life strategy for me”.

“Thank you so much for the consultation yesterday I feel so much better and very positive about finally dealing with my health problems and becoming really well. Thank you for your very full and useful assessment of my problems and what I need to do about them, and for the plethora of fantastic
information you have sent me. I have just printed it all out and am looking forward to settling down and reading it.” (Nicki)

Shirodhara: “The effect of the constant stream of warm oil is the most relaxing experience I can recall, and from a technique I had not even heard of three months ago. When we first met in October I was on a blood pressure reducing drug at 10mg. Shirodhara has contributed to my doctors reducing that to 2.5mg with the prospect of being able to come off the drug completely in the near future”. (Mike)


I didn’t know much about Ayurveda beforehand so I’ve learnt a lot. I’d like to apply the Ayurvedic principles to my life a lot more- starting with knowing what to eat and when to feel more balanced.”

“I must report Lexy’s skin (and mine) looks Radiant, all natural ingredients are working their Magic. 
Thank you once again.”
“Firstly thank you so much for the wonderful beauty and body care retreat.   Since then I have bought myself, rose water, Aloe Vera Gel, organic sunflower oil, liquorice tea and Neem and pomegranate toothpaste.   I have at last changed from a mug of tea for the first drink of the day to hot water and lemon and my husband is joining me with this too.    I am more or less managing to do 1 to 10 of the healthy morning routine … The tongue scraper is brilliant.  Loved the feel of my skin after the skin care routine.  Cleansing with the ubtans was really good… Loved the home made facial mask, it really felt cooling (avocado, natural yoghurt, clay).”  

“Your cooking is so inspirational. I loved the food you prepared for us. It  really changed my life. I have never really been into diet fads so I didn’t give food the credit it deserved. After experiencing your approach it made me realise how it can have such an effect on your well being if you take a holistic approach and make some changes for life. So I thank you from my soul once again, and so does my body!”

“I think the Ayurvedic concept of finding the ‘right balance’ is a tough one for us westerners. We are far more accepting of the idea of ‘rules’ – there are so many faddy crazy diets that most women have tried at one time or another that the idea of ‘rules’ is probably quite familiar! After the workshop, I’ve realised it is much more subtle and also challenging to think of principles, rather than rules to find balance.  But better overall I’m sure!”

Yoga Classes:

“I strongly believe the yoga helped release tension around my neck, and help with my headaches. The breathing exercises also helped release toxins out from my body as well as change my brain chemicals! The dinner was excellent. Today, you showed us your favorites super foods and let us sample them which was great. Thank you very much again for the class tonight!”

In the press:

AyurvedicYogi’s activities are favourably reviewed in Caroline Sylger-Jone’s book Body & Soul escapes: Britain & Ireland by Footprint Books.

“Sivananda Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic therapist Jo Johnston is passionate about Ayurveda and the role it can play in our stressful lives… The weekends include a workshop on ayurvedic theory to help you discover your dosha and how to cook for your body type. On Sunday, there’s a cooking workshop where you learn to make chutneys, ghee, chai, chapattis, kitchari and other one-pot meals. You’ll be given clear, interesting handouts to take away…”